About Us

Our values


We at VaniMeli AB are a Swedish company 
that holds anti-racism dear to our hearts!
We stand for human equality.
VaniMeli, a deer that lives in
the Nordic Birch forest, represents
 a Swedish boy and the zebra AstoLuina 
represents an immigrant girl
Their differences become the basis
for an unconditional friendship.
By playing together they 
 learn something new every day!
Follow their journey and support this project with us.


“Everyone is different, yet the same.
It does not matter where we come from!”


VaniMeli supports UNHCR


One day we want to turn on the news
and hear that there is "Peace on Earth”!.
We at VaniMeli AB believe that peace
can be a reality.Peace is something that
is within us all, big or small.
Nobody can do everything
but we can all do something.
VaniMeli therefore supports the UNHCR,
the UN refugee agency,
which actively works for the rights
 of refugees and give refugees a safe life





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